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Learn to create and implement effective project plans, ensuring impactful and sustainable outcomes.

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Gain the skills and confidence needed to succeed in job interviews and boost your chances.

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Gain the essential skills and knowledge to secure entry-level positions in the non-profit sector.

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Advance your skills and get ready for higher positions with our courses for those with 3+ years’ experience.

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(Livelihood skills are essential for securing employment and achieving sustainable economic independence and growth.)

Are you ready to improve your skills and get a better entry-level NGO jobs ?

Our online courses are designed for 10+2, diploma holders, or those with basic bachelor’s degrees, offering necessary skills for starting thier entry level NGO jobs.

These courses from field experts provide flexible learning, boosting your confidence for entry level NGO jobs for a better livelihood.

Learn. Grow. Lead. Our courses help you build a rewarding career in the social development sector.

Begin your journey to a brighter future today with our affordable and easily accessible online courses!

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Empower Yourself @ INR 1/ Day!

Learn skills with courses at INR 100 for 100 days. <br> Scholarship Also Available.

Available in Different Languages!

Accessible courses in 11 different languages, including English, for everyone.

Enhance Professional Skills

Develop professional skills through targeted training and example-based learning experiences.

Easy E-learning Platform

Access our robust e-learning platform offering courses for beginners and intermediate levels

Featured Courses

Skills Courses: Key Features

Flexible Learning

Learn anytime at your own pace. Our online courses fit into your daily life, helping you gain valuable skills easily.

Affordable Access

Plan your future with affordable courses. High-quality education accessible to everyone, regardless of background.

Effective Curriculum

Our courses offer practical curricula designed to build a solid foundation, making learning practical and attainable.

Expert Instruction

Learn from experienced professionals dedicated to sharing knowledge. Our instructors ensure top-quality insights and courses.

Services We Offer

Online Skills Courses

Short e-learning courses on essential basic skills for job or business. Enroll now for essential e-learning skills tailored to your needs.

On-demand Training

We offer three to five days In-house training at your place, on Capacity Development your staff engaged in project management.


Get one on one training sessions on micro-enterprise initiation, in the convenience of your own home.

About Skills Courses

Become an Effective Project Officer

Are you interested in becoming a Project Officer? Our specific course will give you the skills required to manage and carry out projects effectively in NGOs.

Get ready for a career as a Project Officer with our thorough course. Learn project management, monitoring, and evaluation skills essential for working in NGOs. This training includes everything from planning projects to carrying them out and reporting on them.

Are you eager to progress in NGO Project Management? Enroll today and start your journey towards a successful future.

Enhance your Community Mobilization Skills

Join our Community Mobilizer course and learn how to involve and strengthen communities. Acquire practical skills for successful community mobilization.

Moreover, acquire the skills necessary to effectively involve and empower communities with our Community Mobilizer course. Learn methods for assessing communities, strategies for involvement, and planning for long-term success.

Are you prepared to improve your skills for both your career and personal development?

Sign up today and begin improving your community mobilization skills.

Boost Your Community Outreach Skills

Become a successful Outreach Worker with our complete online learning program. Essentially, learn how to effectively connect and provide services to specific groups.

Our Outreach Worker training gives you the skills to effectively interact with specific groups. Learn about strategies for reaching out, communication abilities, and techniques for providing services.

Interested in improving your skills as an Outreach Worker? Enroll today and start improving the results of your outreach efforts.

Learn the Logical Framework Approach

Discover the Logical Framework Approach with our in-depth training course. Learn how to plan and assess projects systematically.

Gain insight into the Logical Framework Approach with our thorough training. Learn how to develop and use logframes to plan, track, and evaluate projects systematically.

Are you eager to advance your career and capabilities? Enroll today and embark on the path to making informed decisions for your professional development.

Write Winning Project Proposals using Skills on Logical Framework Approach

Improve your skills in writing effective project proposals with our expert-led training. Learn techniques that will help you secure funding and support.

Boost your proposal writing skills with our specialized course. Learn how to organize proposals, create budgets, and present your project ideas persuasively to funders.

Enroll today and begin your journey towards successful project proposal writing.

Improve Your Verbal Communication Skills for Professional Growth

Advance your career with our Verbal Communication Skills training. Learn how to communicate clearly and effectively in any professional setting.

Enhance your verbal communication with our training course. Learn techniques for clear and effective speaking, active listening, and persuasive communication.

Are you ready to improve your communication skills? Enroll today and start moving towards successful professional growth.

Upgrade your Non-Verbal Communication Skills for Professional Growth

Non-verbal communication is essential for professional success. Our course will help you become proficient in body language and other non-verbal signals.

Learn the art of non-verbal communication with our training. Explore body language, facial expressions, and other non-verbal cues to improve your professional interactions.

Enroll today and leverage non-verbal communication skills for successful professional growth.

Learn Skills on How to Start a Small Business Successfully

Are you ready to make your small business dreams come true? Our complete guide to starting a successful small business covers everything you need to know. From finding the right business idea to planning, launching, managing, and growing your venture, you’ll find essential tips, strategies, and insights to help you succeed.

Transform your business idea into reality with our ‘How to Start a Small Business’ course. Learn vital skills for entrepreneurship and managing a business.

Ready to move forward? The course is coming soon!

Why Livelihood Skills Training?

In the post-pandemic world, some people easily find great job opportunities, while others struggle. Many individuals lost their jobs, businesses, or sources of income during these tough times, making it difficult to manage their family’s finances.

Rebuilding a stable income, especially if you previously had a job, can be quite challenging. This is where livelihoods come in – they’re the ways people earn money.

To support your family’s needs and regain a stable, prosperous, and healthy family and social life, you need to participate in activities that generate income, also known as livelihoods.

Remember, a successful nation is built on thriving families! We understand the challenges you may be facing, and we’re here to assist you in finding the right path to financial stability and a better life for your loved ones.

FROM Happy Trainees

I will always be appreciative of the online coaching provided by Livelihood Skills Development Initiative. They showed me how to make wise decisions in order to find a righteous, profitable business that fits my capabilities.
For a livelihood capacity development training programme, we hired Livelihood Skills Development Initiative, and they were wonderful to work with. Our beneficiaries adore them!
AROMANNA™'s Livelihood Skills Development Initiative assisted me in finding better employment opportunities after two years of poor family finances. They provided me with the resources I needed to run my business more profitably.

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