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Learn, how to make SMART decisions for a better income.


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We are a Delhi-NCR-based livelihood and microenterprise development trainer and mentor, passionate about helping people in need to earn their good livelihoods and live their dreams by being trained business owners or entrepreneurs.
Thousand of ideas and confused about which one to take up?
What will be the best profitable business for you?
How to start a business?
Whether you’re planning to start a new small business or looking to improve the income from your family/business, we have the experience and dedication needed to help you achieve your desired income.

Training Services

live training

Live Training

Get live training sessions at set times each day in the convenience of your own home.

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Online Courses

Enroll in short-term online courses for e-learning to discover how to launch your business.
Get extended mentoring for the following two weeks as well!

in house training

In-house Training

We offer three to five days of In-house training on Capacity Development of the staff engaged in Micro Enterprise Development training.

Why Livelihoods Training

Some people always have wonderful job chances, while others encounter difficulties.

Many people in post-pandemic circumstances lost their employment, businesses, or other sources of income and encountered numerous difficulties keeping their families’ finances under control.

It is never been simple to return to a decent and stable income, especially if you were in a job.

Here comes the livelihoods that many people use to identify their sources of income.

In order to provide for the necessities of one’s family and resume a prosperous, wealthy, and healthy family and social life, one must engage in livelihood (income-generating activities).

A prosperous nation is made up of prosperous families!


Effective Curriculum

Realistic practical curriculum to develop basics on business processes. 

Motivation and Mentoring Support

Real-life examples and cases to motivate while in-depth mentoring exercises.

Level Based Program Design

To fulfill everyone needs whether you’re a novice or stuck in between in your business process.

Training Expertise

The trainers have a good level of experience in livelihoods and micro-enterprise development training.

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FROM Happy Trainees

After two years of bad family income AROMANNA Livelihood Skills and Capacity Development Academy helped me for better income opportunity. They gave me the tools to make better and more profitable decisions for my business.
I am forever grateful to AROMANNA Livelihood Skills and Capacity Development Academy for their online coaching. They taught me how to find a viable and profitable business that matches my capacities through SMART decisions.
We hired AROMANNA Livelihood Skills and Capacity Development Academy for livelihoods capacity development training program and they were very professional to work with. Our beneficiaries love them!

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